Leadership Minnesota Tours SkyWater Fab and Learns How Chips are Made

SkyWater is pleased to have hosted Leadership Minnesota’s business leaders for a window tour and presentation by SkyWater CTO Steven Kosier — who talked about how chips are made, the chip shortage, and how SkyWater is partnering with educational institutions and other technology leaders to create an ecosystem of innovation.

Leaders were able to look into SkyWater’s cleanrooms and see technicians at work, pick up a wafer full of computer chips, and use a microscope to see the incredibly fine details of the precise work that SkyWater does.

SkyWater VP of Operations Tim Maloney talks about all of the steps cleanroom technicians perform to create essential computer chips.
SkyWater VP Quality and Failure Analysis CJ Bonifas leads a tour of Leadership Minnesota leaders through the SkyWater facility fab.

Andrea Grosz, BMO Harris Bank, looks at a computer chip in fine detail under a microscope in SkyWater’s Failure Analysis lab.
Leadership Minnesota leaders toured SkyWater Technology on November 11, 2022 to see how chips are made and what SkyWater is doing to create an ecosystem of innovation.

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