The Most Advanced US Foundry for Rad-Hard by Process Technologies

SkyWater’s 90 nm FDSOI technology can enable a range of extreme environment applications including radiation environments and high-temperature applications. The process can enable strategic rad-hard by process requirements and advances the state of the art for these specialized applications inside SkyWater’s commercial fab.

Strategic Rad-Hard

> 1 Mrad

Enables reliability requirements to meet strategic rad-hard category designation


> 500 krads

Suitable for deepspace deployments


> 300 krads

Medical applications and low-earth orbit deployments

A developing platform will advance the rad-hard category.

A range of IP offerings contributed by key partners are developing and will enable modular Rad-SoC solutions.

Do you have IP you would like to offer on the Rad-SoC platform? Contact us to get the process started.

The developing IP ecosystem will enable a spectrum of rad-hard solutions ranging from pure non-volatile memory to ASIC/SoC to FPGA designs.

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# Layers Metal7 (5 Cu, 2 Al)
SAC ContactN
Low-power SRAMY
GateCoSi2 Silicide Poly
FET voltages1.2V core / 3.3V
MiM CapacitorY
Precision ResistorY
OTP(in development)
Dual-Damascene InterconnectY

90 nm Strategic Rad-Hard By Process Early Access Program

SkyWater is selecting a limited number of organizations to participate in an early access partner program for the 90 nm Strategic Rad-Hard by process technology.

Early Access Program Benefits

  1. Receive exclusive pre-market communications and program updates
  2. Represent your technology needs and contribute definition of design and platform IP requirements
  3. Participate in design engagement planning
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 $170M Investment for Rad-Hard Technologies

Skywater Minnesota Location

BLOOMINGTON, Minn — October 21, 2019 – SkyWater Technology, the innovator’s trusted partner for a competitive edge, announced the U.S. Department of Defense is planning to invest up to $170 million for a multi-phase project to enhance microelectronics capabilities for the DOD and the Strategic Radiation Hardened (Rad-Hard) market. SkyWater will be expanding its Trusted Foundry facility to add clean room area and supporting infrastructure to enable this and other complementary technologies.

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