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CMOS + _____ hybrid solutions

SkyWater’s proven CMOS technologies have enabled novel and disruptive products across demanding automotive, industrial, medical and defense markets for decades. As the production foundation, these technologies run in high volume and at world-class quality levels, as demonstrated by numerous quality-driven certifications. But it does not end there: SkyWater’s Advanced Technology Services enable the combination of standard CMOS platforms with a wide range of customer-driven additional devices to create highly customized, targeted integrated sensors, photonics, MEMS or other features.

90 nm and 130 nm process technologies

Billions of Devices Made for Automotive and Consumer Applications

  • Infotainment, body electronics, ADAS/safety
  • Wearables, smart home, personal electronics, vision systems, smart grid
  • DNA sequencing, wireless interfaces, GPS receiver modules
  • Read-Out ICs for thermal imaging applications
  • CNT/3DSoC/ReRAM technology on 130nm for edge node processing and sensing
  • SkyWater also has a state-of-the-art 90nm RadHard by Process technology

Process Features for 90 nm ROICs

Specialized devices and structures to enable high resolution and sensitivity thermal imaging systems and sensor arrays.

  • Cryo models at 45 K, 77 K, 120 K, 150 K
  • Dual stack MiM caps with various configurations
  • Through Silicon Vias, or TSV, for stacked die configuration
  • Topside planarization with pixel contacts
  • Stitching support for large format die
  • Communication interfaces
  • Rad-Tolerant 90 nm process baseline

SkyWater and Efabless chipIgnite Program enables mass customization

Verifying proof-of-concept designs and low-volume production used to be difficult and prohibitively expensive. Not anymore.

Leveraging the SKY130 Open Source PDK, the eFabless chipIgnite platform supports both open source IP and closed IP. Delivered as packaged products, this is an ideal way for both students and professionals to develop proofs of concept and scale to initial production at a total cost far below a custom tape out and packaging.

  • Proof of concept
  • Low volume production
  • Space and form factor defined by eFabless Caravel platform
  • No custom tape out needed
  • Delivered as packaged devices
  • $9,750 total for 300 WCSP or 100 QFN packaged parts


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SkyWater Direct MPW Shuttles

Most designs with volume potential will run on a multi-project wafer to verify performance and features prior to generating a dedicated mask set for production. Dedicated SkyWater MPW prototyping services are available on 130nm, 90nm, 90nm ROIC, and RH90.

  • Prototype concepts with a fast feedback loop
  • Verify IP and characterize device performance
  • Regularly recurring shuttles
More about MPW Programs

Robust and flexible platforms for conventional and hybrid solutions

Production Process Flow Features

CMOS mixed-signal production process flows are the foundation of our technology offerings. These standard flows and custom variations enable innovators to bring novel ideas to market for silicon and next-wave technologies. Solutions can support conventional SoC and ASIC designs or be combined with your unique idea to create completely differentiated sensor, MEMS, photonics or other structures. (*65 nm process was qualified but not currently in production)

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Design Rule (nm)65*90130
# Layers Metal3-53-73-5
# Layers Local Interconnect221
SAC ContactYesYesYes
SONOS Embedded NVMYes
Low-power SRAMYesYesYes
GateW-clad PolyW-clad PolyPoly
FET voltages1.0V core; 3.3V I/O1.2V core; 3.3V I/O1.8V core; 3.3-5V I/O
MiM CapacitorYesYes
Precision ResistorYes
Dual-Damascene InterconnectYesYes
SubstratesBulkBulkBulk, SOI, EPI

Open-Source 130 nm CMOS Resources

SkyWater has partnered with Google to create the first open source process design kit, called SKY130, based on our 130 nm CMOS platform. Learn more about the PDK and opportunities to tapeout chips on open-source tool chains.

Open source SKY130 PDK on Github

Github hosts the SKY130 Open Source PDK. There you can find key information, links to resources needed to get started quickly, and support. The SKY130 PDK is supported by a dedicated and talented group who are equally excited by the opportunity of making chip development available to everyone.

SKY130 on Github

Google Sponsored SKY130 MPW Shuttles

Motivated by the opportunity to make IC and fabrication design approachable, SkyWater and Google have partnered to provide a zero-cost shuttle for open source designs. Users can leverage the SKY130 open source PDK, open source EDA tools, and receive free fabrication of 130nm devices.


More on the Open MPW Program

SkyWater and eFabless chipIgnite Program

The most cost-effective way to design and manufacture non-open-source chip designs today, this program leverages the same SKY130 open-source PDK and allows IP generated to be either private or reused by the open-source community.

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