The 4th industrial revolution is upon us and changing the way our society manufactures, processes and delivers just about everything. Sensorization, connectivity and electrification trends are driving efficiencies and optimization which were unimaginable a generation ago.

Design Trends & Market Dynamics

  • Relatively long design life, but accelerating development schedule
  • Intellectual property protection awareness
  • Edge node pre-processing
  • AI decision making
  • Broad system repartitioning, functional integration
  • Ubiquitous connectivity and drive for efficiency

Readout Integrated Circuits, or ROICs, for thermal imaging

Thermal imaging applications are finding growing opportunity in a range of applications, including in industrial. SkyWater is a manufacturing leader with a dedicated 90nm process technology tuned for the needs of demanding applications, including support for stitched die.

Photonics for data communication

Photonics is revolutionizing connectivity in data center and other applications. Through our unique Technology As A Service model, SkyWater can help innovators develop early stage photonics ideas, mature, and scaling unique new platforms to volume all in a single production environment.

Mixed signal ASICs for industrial IoT

At a time when innovators need more customization, traditional IC vendors are moving toward “catalog” products. SkyWater’s heritage of ASIC innovation helps innovators accelerate time to market through factory-supported CMOS PDKs as well as through innovative, highly affordable technology enablement and delivery for lower volume applications.

Superconducting microelectronics for quantum computing

SkyWater is a global leader in the semiconductor implementation of superconducting technologies. Given the non-linear, highly iterative nature of technology development in this space, finding a development partner who happily experiments in a controlled production environment is critical to success.

MEMS for sensing and switching

One of the most creative and dynamic fields in industry today, MEMS implementations are rapidly replacing legacy mechanical systems in a variety of sensing and switching applications. With fab, test, and sort capabilities in house, SkyWater offers service options that innovators need to scale with confidence.

We’re Certified

SkyWater has a long history of robust quality management and data security systems.

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