A Trusted partner with a service model ideal for custom process integration for a range of technology leaders

Since the creation of our Minnesota site’s custom foundry business in 2013, we’ve partnered with innovators to co-create disruptive and highly differentiated process technologies for imaging, sensing, genetic sequencing, quantum computing and numerous other applications. We offer comprehensive integration expertise that spans MEMS, photonics, CMOS and PICs for monolithic or wafer-level integrations. Our TaaS engagement model is geared to engage customer ideas as early as MRL 3 and accelerate bespoke or highly differentiated process integrations to production to address high quality markets including medical, automotive and industrial among others.

Our TaaS model co-creates custom architectures that leverage our integration expertise for various device types

SkyWater is the pioneer of the Technology as a Service model and specializes in streamlining new ideas from concept to production. This is an ideal engagement model for MEMS, photonics and emerging technologies that require custom process integration.

Technology as a Service

MEMS capabilities to enable numerous device types

  • Actuators, micro-motors
  • Biosensors and microfluidics
  • CMUTs
  • Gas/chemical sensors
  • Infrared detectors: microbolometers, thermopoiles
  • Micro-speaker, electrostatic
  • Pressure sensors
  • Resonators

Co-creating with SkyWater is more than great optics

Photonics and optical device development at SkyWater’s U.S. investor-owned facilities means leveraging our automotive quality legacy to accelerate your path to market in an IP-secure environment.

  • Detectors
  • Fiber couplers
  • Grating couplers
  • Modulators
  • Waveguides

CMOS platforms for hybrid integrations with smart sensors

Automotive-grade 90 nm and 130 nm Silicon CMOS technologies and CNFET based SoCs enable unique monolithic architecture solutions.

Rich processing modules enable differentiated technologies

MEMS, Photonics & Custom Process Integration Capabilities

See a comprehensive list of integration capabilities at our Facilities & Capabilities page.

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Capability ToolComment
Deposition and etch for Au, NbAMAT Endura PVD
Pt deposition, others possibleEvatec Evaporator
Dense features, fine pitch
55 nm capable (single pattern): high aspect ratio waveguides, gratings, nano/micro channels
High AR TSVs and trenchesSPTS Rapier
Bosch process
Thick Cu plating and TSV fillSemsysco Triton
Polyimide ILD and Release
DNS Coat
CMP of Si, Ge, Nb, Al, Cu
AMAT Mirra
Multiple slurry systems
ALD of HfO2, Al2O3, TiN
ASM Pulsar
AlN deposition
Wafer-wafer bonding
Fine pitch lift-off patterning
Veeco Storm

Critical quality systems for high-value markets

Integration expertise ideal for MEMS architectures

Photonics with High Aspect Ratio Features

  • Diffraction grating with 0.28um pitch

MEMS Fine Features & CDs

  • 40 nm fluidic nanochannels

Conformal Films


CMOS Platforms for Hybrid Integration and Heterogenous Integration Services

  • Silicon interposers
  • W2W oxide and hybrid bonding
  • Roadmap for fine pitch FOWLP integration

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