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Semiconductor technology is enabling new user experiences and helping the world become more reliable, greener and more enjoyable. Whether in gaming, virtual reality, displays, lighting, or in the myriad of other device categories, many applications depend on not only a foundation of core technologies but also continuous innovation. SkyWater’s Technology as a Service model enables both rapid cycles of learning and production volume capacity.

Design Trends & Market Dynamics

  • Greater customization in lower volume
  • Increased attention to IP protection
  • Increasingly targeted System-in-Package designs
  • Drive for efficiency and battery run time
  • Ubiquitous connectivity and simplified pairing
  • Edge node processing

Smart sensors for the Internet of Things

Sensor innovation is bringing new technology to market, transitioning from research to volume production in new applications. SkyWater’s Technology as a Service model provides technology development, qualification, and ramp to volume in a high quality production environment, shortening total time to market and overall cost.

Custom mixed-signal ASICs for edge node processing

At a time when innovators need more customization, traditional IC vendors are moving toward “catalog” products. SkyWater’s heritage of ASIC innovation helps innovators accelerate time to market through factory-supported CMOS PDKs as well as through innovative, highly affordable technology enablement and delivery for lower volume applications.

Photonics and MEMS for consumer health

At the intersection of consumer and healthcare applications exists a growing range of patient monitoring, genetics and disease detection applications. SkyWater supports a diverse range of custom photonics and MEMS technologies, and collaborates closely to bring creative new ideas quickly to market.

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SkyWater has a long history of robust quality management and data security systems.

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