As a DMEA-Accredited Trusted Foundry, SkyWater is committed to supporting defense programs with excellence. Our radiation-hardened, high-reliability processes are well known, and our custom ROIC, CMOS ASIC and heterogeneous integration solutions support a range of critical mission objectives.

Design Trends & Market Dynamics

  • Need for rapid prototyping in production environment
  • Strategic technological superiority is essential
  • Sensing and imaging abilities fuse multiple capabilities in SWaP — such as ROIC, ASIC and MEMS
  • Trusted IP security for mission-focused applications
  • Flexible, onshore technology with a smaller footprint
  • Ecosystem of differentiated technologies ripe for integration into package or interposers such as CNT, photonics, superconducting, MEMS  

On-shore technologies from our Trusted foundry

Aerospace and defense applications are among the most demanding, requiring very high quality and performance. ICs for aerospace and defense have unique requirements for surety and reliability in harsh environmental conditions.

DMEA-Accredited Suppliers

ROICs for thermal imaging

SkyWater fabricates ROICs on its 90nm CMOS platform with design enhancements for aerospace and defense applications. Focal plane ROIC die can be stitched together to make large-array sensors for unique and high-fidelity national security missions.

Head on view of a plane

Rad-hard ASICs for national security applications

SkyWater is maturing and qualifying it’s strategic rad-hard by process fully depleted, silicon on insulator, or FDSOI, 90nm platform. This on-shore source is intended to enable and support a range of DOD applications.


Trusted microelectronics for mission applications

SkyWater offers a Trusted domestic source for mission-focused, high-reliability electronics in a secure supply chain.

We’re Certified

SkyWater has a long history of robust quality management and data security systems.

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