We pioneered the TaaS model to get your ideas to market faster.

Our post-Moore’s law reality means turning to new dimensions of innovation for fueling product performance that are enabling new architectures for artificial intelligence, quantum computing, electrification, IoT, health diagnostics and other industry trends. These disruptive ideas require new types of foundry services to mature low-maturity ideas quickly to meet market demand.

Advanced Technology Services (ATS)

We form highly collaborative teams with SkyWater process integration and customer device technologists. These teams together navigate integrated process and device learning to develop low maturity technologies into production grade process flows.

Wafer Services

Our automotive grade, DMEA Trusted fabs have a strong heritage of manufacturing excellence. Our production Wafer Services enable seamless ATS customer scaling of new ideas or transfer of proven technologies for those seeking a domestic manufacturing partner.

What TaaS Means for Innovators

Efficient Development

Cycles of learning on production tools yield productive experiments and an operational tempo to move quickly.

Design for Manufacturability

Always with an eye on production, our teams drive quality into new designs and process integrations from the start.

Faster Time to Market

There is no transfer to production, our teams do their work on the same toolsets used for production and scale-up wafer volume when you and your customers are ready.

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