Powering Innovation

Experienced with both discretes and controllers, SkyWater has a demonstrated track record of co-developing differentiated new customer power technologies and bringing them to production.

Near-ideal 30V N-Channel MOSFET technology

Coming soon as PDK-enabled technology
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Key features:

  • Elimination of drain-source coupling enables near-zero reverse recovery losses
  • Ultra-low output charge and drain-source capacitance
  • Ultra-low RDS(ON)
  • Low 2.5V logic-level gate drive
  • Ultra-thin substrate package makes it ideal in SiP applications

Custom high-performance discrete devices

MOSFET, IGBT, TVS development and manufacturing

  • Standard & custom manufacturing flows supported
  • Bring SkyWater’s process integration eam your new design concepts

Standard ASIC flows for controllers

SkyWater’s high performance mixed-signal 130nm platform supports voltages higher than typical CMOS for battery management and wireless charging applications.

The right building blocks and skills for product development

Power technologies require the right combination of manufacturing tools, process integration skills, and design IP to succeed in the market. Bring your design ideas to SkyWater, and let us make all your wildest dreams come true.

A near ideal switch: SkyWater low Qrr power MOSFETs

SkyWater’s technology enables 2x lower output charge (Qoss) and superior specific on-resistance (SRDS(ON)) compared to current <60V MOSFETs. Near-zero reverse-recovery charge/losses enable high-speed switching, low leakage, improved efficiency, and potential removal of external Schottky diodes. Initially offered as a 30V device, this foundry technology will be open for custom design for different power levels through a factory supported PDK.

A new standard for high speed switching performance

  • Ultra-low output charge and drain-source capacitance
  • Ulta-low RDS(on)
  • Low 2.5V logic-level gate drive

A reference design platform extensible to a range of voltages

  • Elimination of drain-source coupling enables near-zero reverse recovery losses
  • Improved design- and safety-level efficiency
  • Simplifies system design
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  • DC/DC Conversion
  • ORing and Load Switch
  • Battery Management
  • Motor Control
  • Active Rectification
  • System-in-Package (SiP) Designs

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