The automotive industry is in a revolution as transitions from the internal combustion engine to battery powered vehicles. Vehicle electrification and the market demand to extend range, improve safety, and enhance the passenger experience is creating challenges in battery management, motor control, ADAS, sensors, connectivity and entertainment.

Design Trends & Market Dynamics

Automotive ICs must be designed and manufactured for quality first. The underlying process technology in any device must support long-term reliability in the application space, which will be subject to years vibration, humidity, extreme temperatures, temperature cycling, and other harsh environmental and operating conditions. SkyWater’s foundry processes and custom flows support the general design trends and dynamics associated with today’s automotive designs and supply chain needs:

  • Accelerating security and functional safety needs
  • More sensors and sensor types (e.g., lidar)
  • Broad system repartitioning, integration
  • Accelerating design cycles
  • Ubiquitous connectivity
  • OTA updates

Exceptional Automotive Technical Solutions

SkyWater delivers automotive-grade mixed-signal and power management solutions to enable next generation systems and devices. SkyWater has shipped automotive-grade customer wafers in high volume at world-class quality levels for many years and is IATF 16949 certified.

Technology being used in a car

Mixed-signal CMOS for smart sensors and edge node processing

Shipping in high volume today, SkyWater’s proven foundry analog/mixed-signal process technologies were designed to meet the needs and expectations of the automotive industry. Derivatives and modifications to SkyWater’s foundry processes, as well as targeted process developments and transfers, are supported to provide a high degree of customization when needed.

MEMS for sensing and switching

One of the most exciting areas of automotive innovation, SkyWater’s Technology as a Service model enables innovators to custom develop new products that bring system value and solve unique challenges.

Infrared imaging and lidar

A critical part of autonomous driving and advanced safety systems, SkyWater brings experience in the successful collaborative development of read-out integrated circuits or ROICs, microbolometers and other components. In collaboration with industry and academic innovators, SkyWater has co-created base technologies and development subsequent derivatives that improve system performance and bring value to end applications.

Discrete devices and ASICs for power management

SkyWater has developed a highly differentiated foundry power discrete MOSFET technology with “near-ideal” switching performance. SkyWater’s standard CMOS foundry platforms enable robust power management controllers. The combination can help enable the industry’s thinnest System-In-Package designs.

We’re Certified

SkyWater has a long history of robust quality management and data security systems.

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