Advances in MEMS, microfluidics, low-power electronics and materials science are driving innovation for biomedical assays and implantable devices. SkyWater has a successful track record manufacturing components for DNA sequencing and other exitu and in-body medical applications.

Design Trends & Market Dynamics

  • Changes in regulatory environment pushing medical-grade performance into consumer health
  • Broad system repartitioning, functional integration
  • Genetics advances driving sensor and detection innovation

Unique structures for rapid diagnostics and genetic sequencing

Semiconductors are not only for active devices. In a rapidly growing scope and scale of applications, healthcare innovators are leveraging the combination of small feature size, large production volume, and high quality to create differentiated structures for diagnostic and sequencing applications.

Carbon Nanotubes, or CNTs, for biosensors and drug delivery

Carbon nanotubes have a set of electrical, optical, chemical and other properties that make them attractive for a range of treatment, detection and monitoring applications. With an industry-first integration of carbon nanotubes into its 130nm CMOS process technology, SkyWater is maturing a revolutionary technology and seeks innovative collaboration partners.

Rad-Hard ASICs for imaging and implantable medical device applications

When up time and reliability matter most, radiation hardened semiconductors ensure performance and reliability. Offered with different levels of radiation tolerance up to Strategic Rad-Hard, SkyWater has a scalable 90nm CMOS foundry process technology for vital components.

Sensors for patient monitoring

Emerging new sensor types are bringing improved performance and value to an expanding number of healthcare applications. Whether measured by photonic, chemical, or biopotential means, many have been enabled by unique new process technologies developed specifically for the application, not from standard building blocks. SkyWater has a proven track record of innovation and accelerating time to market on custom process flow.

Differentiated solutions for modest production volume applications

Not every application will run in mobile phone volume, but until recently innovators have been challenged by the combination of affordable technology access and lower volume support. Through SkyWater’s Carbon Nanotube (CNT) based 130nm 3DSoC (3D System-on-Chip) technology and eFabless partnership, innovators have early access to ReRAM technology and affordable proof-of-concept and low-volume production.

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