Technology Foundry Innovation for a Digital World

SkyWater is a US-based technology foundry that manages the development and manufacturing of a variety of novel technologies and semiconductor based solutions for a diverse range of applications. We are a globally recognized, DMEA-trusted facility with advanced process development and engineering capabilities co-located alongside volume production. SkyWater simplifies the realization of complex technology products to deliver sustainable, technology-enabled differentiation to our customers.

Why SkyWater?

SkyWater Technology Foundry was born of Control Data Corporation, during the historical age of computing in Minnesota, and grew into a leading semiconductor fab as part of Cypress Semiconductor. Today, as SkyWater Technology Foundry, we work collaboratively with leading-edge companies to develop new technologies using the 200mm fab platform as a benchmark in sustainability and market viability. As such, we are the most advanced, pure-play US-owned foundry. Our mission: Combine innovative R&D with reliable and scalable US-based technology manufacturing to exceed our customers’ needs.

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We Are Technology Innovators

SkyWater designs and manufactures semiconductor solutions for consumer, industrial, military, digital health, automotive and emerging IoT markets, including:

  • CMOS Semiconductors
  • Mixed Signal and RF Devices
  • ASICs
  • Sensing and Imaging
  • Silicon Photonics
  • DNA Processing
  • Superconducting Applications
  • MEMS

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Join the SkyWater Technology Foundry and become part of a team of hard-working, innovative, and bright people who are helping our customers make the products that are transforming our digitally-connected world.

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