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Making More Possible

For information about the 3DSoC Early Access Program complete the form at the bottom of this page.

In 2018, SkyWater began charting a new course for the industry through work to establish the world’s first carbon nanotube-based microelectronics architecture available with a PDK enabled design flow at a commercial foundry. This work is made possible through collaboration with MIT and the $61M 3DSoC program funded by DARPA, the largest awarded program in the first round of the Electronics Resurgence Initiative (ERI).

About the 3DSoC Architecture

Conventional computing architectures consist of separate chips for processing/computing and memory. These chips are connected through physical interconnects which limit system performance. Through monolithic fabrication, 3DSoC will transform this system into a single integrated stack with multiple layers of computing built directly on top of one another, interleaved with layers of memory. The result is up to 50x SoC performance benefits at power using 90 nm 3D technology compared 7 nm 2D technology. (Source: DARPA. Microsystems Technology Office Broad Agency Announcement. No. HR001117S0056. Sept 2017.)

More Information

For more information about how this innovative technology is enabling the next wave of computing, check out the following resources:


2019 DARPA ERI Summit: Three Dimensional Monolithic System-on-a-Chip (3DSoC).

3DSoC Articles in Nature

“Modern microprocessor built from complementary carbon nanotube transistors.” 

“Fabrication of carbon nanotube field-effect transistors in commercial silicon manufacturing facilities.” 

SkyWater Press Releases

SkyWater and MIT Begin Second Phase of DARPA-funded 3DSoC Program; Update Presented at 2020 DARPA ERI Summit (2020)

DARPA 3DSoC Initiative Completes First Year: Key Steps Achieved to Transfer Tech into SkyWater’s 200mm U.S. Foundry (2019)

SkyWater Begins Work with MIT on NextGen Technology Development for DARPA Electronics Resurgence Initiative (2018)

3DSoC Early Access Program

SkyWater will be selecting a limited number of  organizations to take part in an early access partner program for the 3DSoC process technology. Request your spot today!


1. Receive exclusive pre-market communications and program updates

2. Represent your technology needs and contribute to definition of design and platform IP requirements

3. Participate in design engagement planning


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