Skywater Technology Foundry

SkyWater is a U.S.-based technology foundry specializing in the development and manufacturing of a wide variety of semiconductor based solutions. As a globally recognized, DMEA-trusted facility with advanced development capabilities co-located with volume production, SkyWater has the ability and flexibility to innovate to any scale with a wide array of special materials. Our roots go back to the pioneers of computing technology and as such SkyWater offers what most foundries cannot: decades of technology innovation experience.

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Scalable Development Capabilities

Volume Production

DMEA Trusted


In 2017, an ‘80s-born foundry was acquired from Cypress by U.S.-based private investors and SkyWater Technology Foundry. Our mission: to serve the needs of innovative companies requiring unique technology development and full volume semiconductor-based manufacturing.

Since the '80s we've worked as pioneers in the industry. That legacy and spirit lives on today.

Skywater Technology Foundry Offers:

  • Engineering support for custom process development or modification of existing processes
  • Full-flow wafer manufacturing
  • Process or device transfer / port
  • Short flow or unit operation specialty wafer processing
  • Yield troubleshooting and enhancement
  • Process nodes from 90nm – 0.35µm
  • < 0.5 days per mask layer for prototypes
  • Design support, including design kits, standard cell IP and block IP licensing

serving technology innovators in:

  • Internet of Things
  • Specialty materials Application Specific ICs (ASICs)
  • Medical Application Specific ICs (ASICs)
  • National defense microelectronics
  • Commercial Foundry


Read SkyWater Technology Foundry in the news as a thought leader of technology development and manufacturing leveraging the semiconductor fabrication ecosystem. We share and celebrate the accomplishments of our customers as well as our team.

We're proud to be headquartered in Minnesota, it's shaped our culture of innovation.


For over 30 years SkyWater Technology Foundry has operated on a bluff above the Minnesota River in Bloomington, Minnesota. SkyWater takes its name from “Minnesota” which is a Dakota word describing the sky-tinted water of its namesake river. SkyWater Technology Foundry is proud of its technology heritage leading back to the founders of modern day supercomputing and semiconductor manufacturing.


Join SkyWater and become part of a team of hard-working, innovative, and ingenious people who are helping our customers make the products that are transforming the way we live in a digital world.

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