Custom, Device-Ready Chips from SkyWater’s Design Partner Network

By Dan Rakosky, platform sales director 

We’re midway into March, but it’s still early in the year. And if you haven’t tackled your technology resolutions — we’re ready to assist with our newly launched Design Partner Network — which offers ASIC design support and long-term silicon supply. We’re also very pleased to introduce a new design partner, Senseeker.

Procure Innovative Design Expertise

Our DPN combines innovative design experience from industry leaders FRONTGRADE, IC Enable, SenseICs and Trusted Semiconductor. This ecosystem enables solutions that are tailored to support unique applications, designs, demand profiles, quality and supply chain needs. From design requirements to test parts, we have you covered.

Here’s how it works…

Customize your engagement model

Having design partners allows us to offer engagement options based on specific technical and service needs. While some may seek design support only, others may require an extensive suite of services. Our design partners are equipped to enable a comprehensive solution that aligns with your requirements.

FRONTGRADE has been a strategic Application Specific Integrated Circuit, or ASIC design and manufacturing partner to the aerospace and defense community since the early 1980s. FRONTGRADE successfully executed hundreds of ASIC designs for domestic and international customers with the technical experience and expertise to offer a range advanced digital, power, analog, and mixed-signal products.

IC Enable is an award-winning provider of quality design IP, IC products, services and platform solutions. Since 2004, IC Enable has had a history of success in delivering to Fortune 50 customers. The team has extensive experience across the defense, medical, semiconductor, and consumer electronics industries — including some of the most challenging fabrication processes and product applications in the world.

Senseeker is an industry leader in the development of advanced digital readout integrated circuits for infrared imaging systems. Senseeker’s products can be used with industry standard and specialist infrared detector types, and are in use in many commercial and U.S. Government applications. Senseeker also offers custom mixed-signal transducer IC design services and support for IC design work with test electronics hardware and software.

SenseICs Corporation is engineering innovation in microelectronics technology by developing cutting-edge integrated circuits ranging from analog and mixed-signal to systems-on-a-chip. SenseICs specializes in providing full turnkey IC development solutions including design, fabrication, packaging, automated qualification test systems and application support. Areas of expertise include advanced imaging sensors, RF communication systems and components, trusted microelectronics in advanced nodes, and radiation hardening by design.

Trusted Semiconductor Solutions leverages the best commercial technology and manufacturing capabilities to create high-reliability integrated circuits for use in military/defense, space, avionics and industrial applications. As a SkyWater partner, these capabilities complement our offerings to bring you the most complete, trusted solutions in the market today.

Engage SkyWater for support when you need it

One example of how we can engage with you through our design partner network is offering a long-term supply for legacy chips. Recently, a leading technology company reached out to SkyWater with a desire to leverage our domestic presence for long-term supply stability on several designs that needed to be turned quickly. This customer could not get the attention of their IDM given their volume profile. Partnering with IC Enable, the customer was able to secure a full domestic turnkey solution. The close working relationship between IC Enable and SkyWater made all the difference.

SkyWater will make network recommendations based on careful consideration of your requirements. The network is also an excellent solution for low-to-moderate volume customers who need an edge in the market by being able to secure full turnkey support.

SkyWater offers a range of platforms supporting aerospace and defense, automotive, industrial, medical and emerging applications. SkyWater platforms include factory supported PDKs and other support essential for your success.

You can request platform data sheets on our website.

SkyWater’s certifications, accreditations and quality go beyond design

A product is only as good as its weakest chip. We are committed to ensuring the highest quality and reliability of your IC solutions. Backed by industry certifications in medical automotive and aerospace — along with our Trusted accreditation and support from design partners — SkyWater delivers world-class quality and IP protection. In addition, our design partners have also achieved industry certifications to ensure the quality and reliability of your IC solution. We’re not just compliant. We’re certified.

Design partners enable U.S.-Based Volume Production

Choosing a U.S.-based supplier like SkyWater offers unparalleled value for technology companies seeking reliability, security, and stability in their supply chain. With our domestic operations, SkyWater adheres to quality standards, intellectual property protection and rapid response times — minimizing risks associated with geopolitical uncertainties and logistical challenges. Our U.S. presence facilitates close collaboration, enabling tailored solutions that meet precise customer needs. In an era where supply chain resilience has become paramount, partnering with a U.S.-based supplier is not just a strategic decision — it’s a competitive advantage.

Start with SkyWater

As SkyWater’s platform sales director, my primary role is to align our expertise with your specific needs, capabilities and expectations. The SkyWater team, in collaboration with our DPN, is ready to recommend the most suitable partners for your project — for a seamless journey from concept to production.

Looking at the chart below, design services could start and end at any of the points in the product development flow.

SkyWater is more than a foundry; we are a partner for your technology ambitions. We’re here to enable, support, and coordinate with our design partners to deliver a full turnkey solution for your long-term success.

Everything is possible until proven otherwise.

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