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We are currently accepting design submissions for the following Multi Project Wafer programs. Connect with us for schedule details and shuttle features.

This open source program offers a rapid and affordable path to prototyping and low-volume production without tools or deep industry expertise. It includes a pre-designed carrier chip and automated open source design flow from Efabless. SkyWater’s SKY130 is used to fabricate the chips with no custom tape out needed. Startups, universities and research facilities have access to open source tools and the freedom to collaborate freely across teams and organizations. Designs go into an open community with an option to keep your IP private.

For more information about the program, please visit https://efabless.com/chipignite or contact shuttle@efabless.com.

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S90ROIC flow includes low noise performance transistors and features that enable infrared imaging and other sensor array applications. The program is ideal for specialized aerospace and defense applications, LIDAR and LADAR, automotive sensing, microbolometers and medical x-ray, augmented reality, industrial machine vision and security, among others.

RH90 is a 90nm fully depleted silicon-on-insulator complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor process specifically developed to produce electronics which can withstand radiation environments. The MPW shuttle standard process flow features a Cu BEOL for M1-M5 and aluminum for M6-M7.

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2024 MPW Schedule

YearIDTechnologyGDS SubmissionGDS Cutoff
2024MPW RH90 #11RH906/3/246/17/24
2024MPW S90 LN #9S90 LN7/1/247/15/24
2024MPW S90 #17S908/2/248/16/24
2024MPW S130 #20S1309/1/249/15/24
2024MPW RH90 #12RH9010/1/2410/15/24
2024MPW S90 LN #10S90 LN11/1/2411/15/24
2024MPW S90 #18S9011/29/2412/13/24
2025MPW S130 #21S1301/1/251/15/25
2025MPW S90LN #11S90 LN2/1/252/15/25
2025MPW S130 #22S1304/1/254/15/25
2025MPW S90LN #12S90 LN5/1/255/15/25
2025MPW RH90 #13RH906/3/256/17/25
2025MPW S130 #23S1307/1/257/15/25
2025MPW S90LN #13S90 LN8/2/258/16/25
2025MPW RH90 #14RH909/1/259/15/25
2025MPW S130 #24S13010/1/2510/15/25
2025MPW S90LN #14S90 LN11/1/2511/15/25
2025MPW RH90 #15RH9011/29/2512/13/25

Sophisticated Design Tools

  • PDK, DDK for 90nm and 130nm design rules
  • Proven IP over billions of devices
  • I/Os and standard cells for logic synthesis
  • Silicon proven IP – billions of devices made
  • IP licensing available for 130nm SONOS NVM
  • IP ecosystem hosted in XENA cloud

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