SkyWater Technology Foundry Unveils Technology Foundry Concept at IoTFuse Conference

Dr. Scott Nelson shares perspective on “IoT from beyond the Edge”

BLOOMINGTON, MINN. (April 19, 2017) – SkyWater Technology Foundry announced that its Chief Technical Officer, Dr. Scott Nelson, will be a featured presenter at the annual IoTFuse Conference (#iotfuse17). Held on April 21, 2017 at the Minneapolis Convention Center, IoTFuse is the largest community-run conference dedicated to the Internet of Things technology space.

In his presentation entitled “The View of the IoT from Beyond the Edge,” Nelson will share what the IoT looks like from the viewpoint of a semiconductor manufacturer and how that perspective can shape how solution developers today can leverage chip-level design for competitive advantage. He will also discuss how this point of view shaped the foundation for the concept of a Technology Foundry.

“While users and the cloud seem far away from the fab, the demand for data from things at the edge continues to grow which in turn drives the demand for semiconductors,” explains Nelson. “But Moore’s Law no longer dictates the path of technology roadmaps for the IoT and a new perspective working directly with solution developers is needed. A perspective that looks beyond the presumption that hardware is a commodity to the possibility that custom ICs are not only within reach but can be a critical strategic advantage solving vertical market challenges. This is where the concept of a Technology Foundry comes into play.”

According to Nelson, the concept of a Technology Foundry simplifies the realization of complex products by helping customers design, build, and scale semiconductor wafer-based technologies to full-scale manufacturing.

“In practice, the concept leverages the wealth of microelectronic fabrication technology created over the last fifty years to more rapidly develop new technologies including silicon photonics, DNA sequencing micro-fluidics, MEMs, and superconducting devices,” explains Nelson.

About Dr. Scott Nelson

As Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President of Corporate Development, Dr. Scott Nelson is responsible for leveraging SkyWater Technology Foundry’s technology expertise and offerings across a wide range of markets with a focus on IoT connected solutions, medical, superconducting, and silicon photonic devices. Scott has more than 25 years of experience leading technology and product development. Prior to joining SkyWater Technology Foundry, Scott worked for Logic PD, 3M and Honeywell. Nelson is a sought-after speaker and contributor on topics related to IoT. He holds a Ph.D. in applied and engineering physics from Cornell University, a doctoral minor in business administration from the Samuel Johnson School of Management at Cornell University, and a B.A. degree in physics and mathematics from St. Olaf College.

About IoTFuse

IoTFuse is a professional network of makers, innovators, and business leaders in the Internet of Things space. Based in Minneapolis, IoTFuse is the largest group of its kind in the United States. IoTFuse organizes the annual IoTFuse conference as well as monthly “user group” style meetings and a yearly IoT makeathon in October. To learn more about IoTFuse or to check out our calendar of events, visit

About SkyWater Technology Foundry

SkyWater is a U.S.-based technology foundry specializing in the development and manufacturing of a wide variety of semiconductor based solutions. As a globally recognized, DMEA-trusted facility with advanced development capabilities co-located with volume production, SkyWater has the ability and flexibility to innovate to any scale with a wide array of special materials. Our roots go back to the pioneers of computing technology and as such SkyWater offers what most foundries cannot: decades of technology innovation experience. Reach out to see how SkyWater can help revolutionize your product. To learn more, visit

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