SkyWater Technology Foundry Partners with Ferrian Sales & Associates

The relationship increases in-region access to SkyWater and extends representation to support co-creation of optimized designs and custom technology solutions

BLOOMINGTON and MENDOTA HEIGHTS, MN, February 14, 2019 – SkyWater Technology Foundry, the trusted innovation partner for tomorrow’s most advanced technology solutions, is pleased to announce Ferrian Sales & Associates Inc. as its sales representative in Arizona, Minnesota and New Mexico. Ferrian’s industry expertise and proven reputation in advising customers on effective business strategies and technology roadmaps will include offering SkyWater’s Innovation Engineering Services and advanced manufacturing solutions. Ferrian’s split region access in Minnesota and the Southwest is unique for servicing mil/aero and biomedical target markets in which both SkyWater and Ferrian have substantial activities.

Commenting on the partnership, Rick Harding, Vice President of Sales & Marketing of SkyWater said, “This new addition to the SkyWater network of market partners is another milestone in our transformation from a captive foundry operation to a diversified customer facing organization. Ferrian brings decades of industry expertise and is well-aligned with our key focus areas to represent both our high performance mixed-signal process offerings as well as our innovation services that are pushing forward next wave technologies in multiple markets.”

“We are very pleased to represent SkyWater, increasing access to their advanced engineering and manufacturing services for customers who are true innovators in various technology segments,” said Greg Ferrian, President, Ferrian Sales & Associates. “We look forward to working closely with customers to support design optimization utilizing SkyWater’s wide-ranging solutions which will provide them with customized technologies for their unique applications.”

About SkyWater Technology Foundry

SkyWater is the only U.S.-based and U.S.-owned, DMEA accredited pure play Technology Foundry, specializing in advanced Innovation Engineering Services and manufacturing of a wide variety of differentiated integrated circuits in various markets including: consumer, industrial, aerospace and defense, automotive, and the IoT, among others. With decades of site heritage as an innovation service provider, SkyWater helps customers efficiently develop and quickly scale next-generation products. Serving as both an ASIC and custom foundry, SkyWater provides advanced development capabilities to tailor business and technical services according to individual project and customer partner needs. For more information, please visit:

About Ferrian Sales & Associates, Incorporated:

Ferrian Sales represents a variety of complementary technologies for the material and service needs of the advanced technology electronics market in the Upper Midwest United States. Greg Ferrian, President, has thirty years’ experience providing customized solutions for the military, industrial, avionics, and medical microelectronics industry. The sales team of Greg Ferrian, Sean Ferrian and Jacob Riley, provide quality solutions leveraging their design and material expertise and the unique component and service offerings of the world’s leaders in innovative microelectronic solutions.

Ferrian Company Contact: Greg Ferrian | 651.686.4704 |
SkyWater Company Contact: Ross Miller | 952.851.5063 |
SkyWater Media Contact: Lauri Julian | 949.280.5602 |

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