SkyWater Technology Foundry Commissions SkyTech Center to Accelerate Next-Wave Technology Development

SkyTech Center enables specialized processing capabilities required for carbon nanotubes, silicon photonics, superconducting ICs and MEMS

BLOOMINGTON, MN, May 28, 2019SkyWater Technology Foundry, the trusted innovation partner for tomorrow’s most advanced technology solutions, today announced its new SkyTech Center as an expansion of its operations to enhance advanced processing capabilities at its U.S.-based and U.S.-owned manufacturing facility. SkyWater has recognized a growing industry need for custom process development and has made a strategic investment to repurpose clean-room space previously used for testing to lay the ground for further company growth and new customer engagement. The SkyTech Center will also serve as the environment where critical tasks supporting DARPA’s 3DSoC ERI program will be performed, including carbon nanotube (CNT) deposition and lift-off metallization.

SkyWater’s pioneering Technology Foundry model is filling an industry need for new device topologies which are capable of being produced at scale and are not available in traditional foundry manufacturing facilities. The new SkyTech Center allows customers to develop in a quality-focused fab environment which enables faster processing and ramp to volume production. The SkyTech Center also accommodates customers who want to place their own dedicated tools in SkyWater’s facility, allowing them development embedded in a fab ecosystem, co-located with other capabilities they need to streamline commercialization.

“Seeing the SkyTech Center firsthand was an eyeopener to the company’s commitment to become the preferred foundry for disruptive technologies,” said Dan Hutcheson, VLSI Market Research. “The unique aspects of this investment, coupled with SkyWater’s 200mm manufacturing infrastructure, provides an ideal environment to enable emerging novel technologies to quickly transition to manufacturable products at the right scale.”

“Our Custom Foundry business grew approximately 50% in 2018 and is tracking at that same rate for 2019, reinforcing the trend we see in the market for advanced process development activities for an increasingly diverse field of high technology devices,” said Thomas Sonderman, SkyWater President. “The addition of the SkyTech Center is an example of investments we are making to enable capabilities in which we see a growing demand as the industry transitions to a new era of hybrid architectures.”

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SkyWater is a solely U.S.-based and owned, DMEA-accredited Technology Foundry, providing custom design and development services, exclusive design IP, and volume manufacturing for integrated circuits and micro devices. The Company’s world-class operations and unique processing capabilities enable mixed-signal CMOS, rad-hard and ROIC solutions. SkyWater’s Innovation Engineering Services empower development of superconducting and 3D ICs, along with carbon nanotube, photonic and MEMS devices. SkyWater serves customers in growing markets such as aerospace & defense, automotive, cloud & computing, consumer, industrial, IoT and medical. For more information, please visit:

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