SkyWater Technology Foundry Achieves Cat1A Trusted Foundry Accreditation from U.S. Department of Defense

MINNEAPOLIS, March 20, 2017 – SkyWater Technology Foundry today announced that its productionscale microelectronics wafer fabrication facility in Bloomington, Minnesota has been Accredited by the  Defense Microelectronics Activity, a branch of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) as a Category 1A  Trusted Foundry.

This accreditation enables SkyWater Technology Foundry to provide wafer fabrication, design, wafer  test, and broker services as a Trusted Supplier.

“The fact that this was accomplished within two weeks of the birth of the company demonstrates the  priority SkyWater Technology Foundry has put on this Accreditation and in serving the needs of the  DoD,” said Michael Moore, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “This Accreditation  validates our security posture and it demonstrates the continued commitment of this site to serving the  microelectronics needs of the U.S. DoD.”

The business plan for SkyWater Technology Foundry incorporates the ability to address the growing call for U.S.-owned and U.S.-based suppliers of microelectronics at a time when more and more of the microelectronics supply chain is migrating to China and other Far East countries.

“SkyWater Technology Foundry plans to expand engagements with the U.S. DoD generally, and in particular is poised to meet the requirements of DoD Instruction 5200.44 which requires fabrication of mission-critical custom microelectronics components in a Trusted facility,” he said.  For more information about SkyWater Technology Foundry and to request information regarding foundry services, please contact Michael Moore at

About SkyWater Technology Foundry

SkyWater Technology Foundry is a U.S.-based technology foundry specializing in the development and manufacturing of a wide variety of semiconductor based solutions. As a globally recognized, DMEA trusted facility with advanced development capabilities co-located with volume production, SkyWater  Technology Foundry has the ability and flexibility to innovate to any scale with a wide array of special materials. Our roots go back to the pioneers of computing technology and as such SkyWater Technology  Foundry offers what most foundries cannot: decades of technology innovation experience. Reach out to see how SkyWater Technology Foundry can help revolutionize your product.

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