Design Enablement

Empowering Innovation Excellence

The SkyWater definition of Design Enablement goes beyond a PDK and an IP book. We think about it more literally as Product Enablement. We approach the task of developing manufacturing processes for customer ideas with an open mind and think about what it will take to explore and develop these ideas into products that can be produced with high quality and at commercial volumes. For many technologies we support these activities with traditional PDKs, IP resources and design partners. For the less mature technologies we think of it as co-creating the future and it’s our Advanced Technology Services that free customers to pursue their ideas with a Trusted Innovation Partner to support the journey.

Sophisticated Design Tools
  1. PDK, DDK for 90nm and 130nm design rules
  2. PDK uses Cadence frontend + Mentor Calibre verification
  3. TCAD and lithography simulation tools available

Proven IP over Billions of Devices
  1. I/Os and standard cells for logic synthesis
  2. Silicon proven IP – billions of devices made
  3. IP licensing available for 130nm SONOS NVM
  4. IP ecosystem hosted in XENA cloud

Innovation Engineering Services
Co-Creating the Future

SkyWater’s Innovation Engineering Services enable exploration and development of technologies in a quality focused production environment which delivers a single-facility combination of fast, efficient learning and a straightforward ramp to volume which is highly differentiated from other labs and foundries. This collaborative approach facilitates co-creation of designs made possible by strengths of process and device teams and produces a performance and manufacturing optimized product.

Innovation Engineering Services leverage deep process knowledge to enable:

  1. Analyzing device component characteristics with specialized materials
  2. Characterizing device performance with various geometries
  3. Creating new flows with advanced processing techniques
  4. Optimizing designs for performance and manufacturability

Design and IP Partners
  1. Intrinsix
  2. Linear ASICs
  3. Linear Microsystems

  1. 90nm and 130nm recurring MPW FastShuttle program
  2. Program is ideal way to verify concepts and at low cost
  3. Factory rebate which brings cost to zero for participating in the MPW FastShuttle program

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