Paul Sura

Paul Sura oversees SkyWater’s Minnesota and Florida fabs including Advanced Technology Services (ATS) and Wafer Services (WS), information technology, supply chain management, enterprise operations and quality.  His role encompasses all elements necessary to execute the operational fundamentals of the company. Mr. Sura’s strategic leadership expertise includes developing efficient methods for enhanced performance, improved quality and cost savings, while delivering best practices company-wide.

His decades of experience include managing complex operationally focused supply chains using advanced digital technology at both integrated device manufacturers and semiconductor foundries. He has honed these skills at Intel, Maxim/ADI, GlobalFoundries and most recently Micron. Mr. Sura’s background includes a strong understanding of the electronics ecosystem and the role of semiconductors. His capabilities include scaling manufacturing in wafer services and advanced technology by driving profitable output while building manufacturing excellence.

Mr. Sura holds a Bachelor of Science in industrial engineering from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

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