Weebit ReRAM: Embedded NVM for Innovative Designs

Differentiate your silicon with Weebit Resistive Random Access Memory, or ReRAM — an innovative emerging Non-Volatile Memory, or NVM technology. The technology is available in SkyWater 130nm CMOS process.


  • Excellent endurance and retention, even at high temperatures
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Tolerant to ionizing radiation and electromagnetic interference
  • Inherently secure technology
  • Low-cost NVM, requires only 2 additional masks
  • Back-end-of-line, or BEOL technology for integration flexibility
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Initial applications for Weebit ReRAM in SkyWater’s CMOS process include:

  • Analog, power management, mixed-signal designs
  • IoT, Industrial, Automotive
  • Radiation tolerant designs
  • Heterogenous computing
  • Data logging applications
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Weebit Nano ReRAM Preliminary Key Features


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Technology130nm, SkyWater S130
Mask Adder2
Supply Voltage1.8V Read
1.8V+3.3/3.6V Program
Cell Programming Voltage1.4V – 1.8V Set & Reset
Read Access Time <20nsec
Operation Temp.-40⁰C – 85⁰C (Can be extended to -55⁰C – 125/150⁰C)
Capacity256 Kbit (Can be customized for 128Kbit – 2Mbit)

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