Weebit Nano teams with Skywater

The companies have announced an agreement to take Weebit’s Resistive RAM memory technology to volume production.

Under the agreement, SkyWater and Weebit will collaborate to transfer the Weebit ReRAM technology to SkyWater’s production fab and qualify it for volume manufacturing. Following the qualification of the technology, SkyWater intends to offer it to customers as embedded, non-volatile memory (NVM) IP on the company’s 130nm CMOS process.

“Commercialization of ReRAM technology will provide enhancements to a range of new electronics in industries such as automotive which require high-temperature performance. Weebit’s ReRAM allows semiconductor memory elements to be significantly faster, less expensive, more reliable and more energy efficient than those using existing embedded Flash memory solutions,” the companies’ announcement states.

Read the article on GLOBES: https://en.globes.co.il/en/article-weebit-nano-teams-with-skywater-1001384345.

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