Walz supports federal legislation to boost computer chip manufacturing

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz visited one of Minnesota’s major manufacturers of semiconductors, or computer chips, in Bloomington on Thursday. Skywater Technology recently expanded its facility and added 100 new jobs with the help of the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development.

“This piece of legislation from the federal government we are fully supportive of,” the governor said of a $52 billion plan to support and expand domestic computer chip manufacturing. “It will require the state of Minnesota to come in as partners in this and we are fully committed to making sure that happens. Not only is it those 100 jobs here, the expansion and all the peripheral jobs that go with it. It’s the security that comes with knowing we’re manufacturing our chips. We’re not at the mercy of what’s happening with the supply chain in Taiwan or anywhere else.”

Watch the feature story below:

Read the article on KSTP.com: https://kstp.com/kstp-news/top-news/walz-supports-federal-legislation-to-boost-computer-chip-manufacturing/

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