SkyWater offers a unique value proposition to its customers for addressing medium-volume mixedsignal CMOS and power applications with 200 mm processing cost structures and smaller process geometries than many other foundries support on this wafer size. Furthermore, by adding copper processing to SkyWater’s technology portfolio, processes will support higher density interconnects by taking advantage of the higher conductivity of copper vs. aluminum. This will push performance for digital logic and support lower impedance interconnects to improve analog circuits by means of lower losses, better signal to noise ratio, etc. The addition of copper to the facility also will support future technology roadmap plans for small transistor geometries.

While the investment supports DoD centric aerospace applications, it is also highly relevant for developing commercial space applications, electronics in medical imaging environments or applications that require irradiation type sterilization, and nuclear power applications. Numerous other applications are likely to emerge as well.

In general, SkyWater serves a growing need in the industry for a reliable partner in today’s unpredictable global trade environment by ensuring IP security and supply chain access. In an industry where most semiconductor manufacturing has transitioned offshore, SkyWater stands out as the only U.S.-owned and operated semiconductor contract manufacturer. For customers that value these attributes in a foundry partner, the new processing capabilities at SkyWater enhance access to important mixed-signal technologies.