Thank You for Your Service!

In honor of Veterans Day, we’d like to thank those who have served and are currently serving, including Rodney Siem, Alvin Kolkind, Gemma Lopez-Moore and Sean Dillon.



Values that followed Alvin Kolkind from the military include teamwork and honor. He says, “With Teamwork, the military teaches you the ability to use what you have at hand to maximize the team’s output. With Honor, it reinforced my upbringings to always hold yourself to your word. My word is my bond.” Thank you for your service, Alvin!


From her time in the military, Gemma Lopez-Moore learned an acronym for the value system: LDRSHIP — Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage noting, “These have all followed me. There is not one singular value that stands above another since, for me, they all work in unison.” Thank you for your service, Gemma!



Sean Dillon learned to have confidence in himself while serving and said, “If you are going to do something, do it right (to the best of your ability) the first time. It is better to take extra time and do it right, than to do it multiple times until it gets done correctly.” Thank you for your service, Sean!
Randy Siems learned that he could lead at a young age while serving in the military. He remembers crossing the Equator at 0,0 on his birthday. Thank you for your service, Randy!

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