Process Innovation & Engineering

As a pioneering technology foundry, SkyWater is committed to proving world-class support, service and technology solutions for customers defining the new frontiers of digital connection. We work within a full-scale semiconductor manufacturing ecosystem, with substantial process flow integration and customized solutions powered by technology. As the most advanced US-based and US-owned, DMEA-Trusted foundry partner, our capabilities include:

    CMOS from 350nm to 90nm, SONOS at 350nm and 130nm, BICMOS at 350nm
    Low mask count, low cost, fast cycle time, low defect density, high Cpk processes
    Memory, Logic, Digital, Analog, High Voltage, High Speed, Low Power variants
    IP Block based design methodology
    SOI, Photonics, Superconducting, Image Sensor, Biotech

Design IP

SkyWater employs a globally-recognized library of verified, risk-reduced IP.

  • < 1 day per mask layer for prototypes
  • Design support, including design kits, standard cell IP and block IP licensing

Process Development

We work with leading semiconductor and design companies to create custom process flow solutions.

  • Engineering support for custom process development or modification of existing processes
  • Short flow or unit operation specialty wafer processing


Our full scale development and volume production capabilities are engaged immediately following
the design process. This value-add integration allows us to solve more difficult and interesting problems with technology, including:

  • Engineering support for custom process development or modification of existing processes
  • Full-flow wafer manufacturing
  • Process or device transfer / port
  • Short flow or unit operation specialty wafer processing
  • Yield troubleshooting and enhancement
  • Process nodes from 90nm – 0.35µm
  • < 1 day per mask layer for prototypes
  • Design support, including design kits standard cell IP and block IP licensing

200 Devices Running on 30 Unique Process Flows, Including:

  • SRAM/Logic (0.35µm, 0.25µm, 0.18µm, 0.13µm, 90nm technologies)
  • Mixed Signal (0.13µm, 0.35µm technology)
  • SONOS/NVSRAM (0.13µm, 0.35µm technology)
  • Silicon Photonics
  • Superconductors
  • DNA Processing

Technology Overview

Mixed Signal & RF CMOS

In the Internet of Things, data– the life blood of every application– starts at the ‘Edge’ where the real world meets the digital. This is where mixed signal and RF CMOS is the go-to solution. Having manufactured multiple billions of devices, mixed signal is a core strength of SkyWater Technology Foundry. SkyWater’s 130 nm primary operating node is at the IoT sweet spot of the Moore’s Law node progression– providing the optimum in power, efficiency and cost. Our legacy with Cypress and ongoing support of the leading IoT semiconductor company has given SkyWater a wealth of silicon-verified building blocks. This expertise allows us to quickly implement the complex mixed signal technologies needed for today’s IoT products.

Silicon Photonics

Silicon photonics is emerging as a game-changing paradigm shift for communication networks in pursuit of the increased speed at lower power and cost promised by Moore’s Law. Silicon photonic devices are made by combining existing semiconductor fabrication techniques and the heterogeneous integration of optical devices. This creates hybrid devices in which the optical and electronic components are integrated onto a single microchip. SkyWater works with leading silicon photonics pioneers to develop wafer process flows, including silicon-on-insulator, SiGe, and silicon trench, for device designs that make high speed optical interconnect the new standard for cloud computing.

Superconducting Computing

Superconducting computing is another computing technology addressing the limitations of Moore’s Law while leveraging the ultra-efficient semiconductor manufacturing ecosystem. SkyWater Technology Foundry has been involved in superconducting electronics for the past five years, supporting market leaders in quantum computing, superconducting interposer, and ultrafast Josephson junction device fabrication. SkyWater’s engineers have optimized process flows and the manufacturing of superconductor devices in a scalable full production semiconductor foundry. This allows us to rapidly respond to the growing demand for exponentially faster and lower power computing technology.

Sensing & Imaging

Technologists are forecasting over 30 trillion sensors in the Internet of Things (IoT) by 2030. Most of these sensors will combine mixed signal CMOS technology with specialty materials to sense and communicate measurements from the real world that drive value in applications. For over 25 years our site has manufactured the mixed signal circuitry upon which sensors depend as well as the microprocessors and radio functions necessary to connect these devices in the IoT. We also provide market-leading technology to enable infrared imaging with cryo-enabled Readout IC's (ROIC) and MEMS-based microbolometer imaging technology. SkyWater offers customers the flexibility to integrate special materials in a full flow process to deliver production solutions to sensing and imaging alike.

Microfluidics/DNA Processing

Lab-on-a-chip is a multidisciplinary field at the intersection of engineering, physics, chemistry, biochemistry, nanotechnology, and biotechnology. Its practical application is the design of systems in which low volumes of fluids are processed to achieve multiplexing, automation, and high-throughput screening. Microfluidics is the behavior, precise control and manipulation of fluids that are geometrically constrained to the sub-millimeter scale. When combined with electronic function microfluidics is a critical technology to providing low cost, integrated devices for the biotechnology space. The combination of MEMs processes for micro-well fabrication with analog circuitry on semiconductor wafers is driving the rapid growth of one such application– DNA sequencing chips. SkyWater is again supporting market leaders in the technology space, having recently shipping its 10,000th DNA sequencing chip wafer. We play a leading role in leveraging the semiconductor manufacturing ecosystem to provide innovators with an agile but highly scalable production partner.

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