Spotlight: SkyWater aims to boost, secure semiconductor production

SkyWater Technology’s new 60,000-square-foot expansion — which will produce specialty microelectronics for customers ranging from medical device makers to the U.S. Space Force — embodies the push to boost domestic semiconductor production and the public-private partnerships company leaders and government officials say are critical to the effort.

SkyWater’s new fabrication facility “is proof that large-scale and advanced manufacturing continues to be possible in the United States of America,” says Ian Steff, Department of Commerce assistant secretary for global markets.

The Department of Defense is spending $170 million over several phases to build the expansion, which includes 12,000 square feet of additional clean room space for SkyWater, the only U.S.-owned and operated pure-play foundry or semiconductor fabrication facility. The investment comes under DoD’s Trusted and Assured Microelectronics program, which works with industry and laboratories to produce technology solutions for national security and defense..

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