SkyWater forms partnership to open US advanced packaging facility

The facility will become the foundation for advanced packaging technology services business and is based on a public-private partnership between SkyWater, Osceola County, Florida and the current operator BRIDG.

US foundry and semiconductor services provider SkyWater Technology Inc. (Bloomington, Minnesota) has formed SkyWater Florida, to take over operation of a 200mm wafer fab in Kissimmee, south of Orlando.

It was not stated how much money would be spent ramping up manufacturing capacity at Kissimmee or how quickly it would be spent.

BRIDG is the non-profit organization created to focus on advanced research, development, and manufacturing for next generation microelectronics while creating technology-based jobs in Florida. SkyWater said it will support BRIDG with multiple DoD contracts.

Read the article in eeNews Analog:

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