Rockley signs up to use SkyWater BEOL

The expanded relationship with SkyWater is part of multi-sourcing efforts at Rockley. Rockley had a contract with Newport Wafer Fab to make silicon photonics but Newport Wafer Fab has been acquired by Nexperia, and renamed as Nexperia Newport. The emphasis going forward there is believed to be GaN-on-Si for power applications.

U.S. foundry SkyWater Technology has broadened its engagement with Rockley Photonics Ltd. (Oxford, England) to include back-end of line (BEOL) processing for Rockley’s spectrophotometer-on-a-chip health monitor.

SkyWater provides R&D facilities for manufacturing processes, wafer fabrication and advanced packaging services.

“SkyWater provides us with a domestic U.S. source for advanced wafer-level components which is a critical part of our multi-source supply chain strategy. As we target high-volume consumer and industrial applications, deepening our connection with SkyWater is an important step in expanding our manufacturing ecosystem,” said Andrew Rickman, CEO and founder of Rockley Photonics, in a statement issued by SkyWater.

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