Minnesota adds jobs in August as unemployment drops

Tim Walz visited Bloomington-based manufacturing plant, SkyWater Technology, Inc.

“Here at SkyWater, we produce microchips for a variety of industries, including automotive, medical, aerospace, and defense,” SkyWater president and CEO Thomas Sonderman said.

Sonderman is calling on the U.S. House to back the Senate-approved Innovation and Competition Act, saying it would improve the global shortage of microchips. “This change would allow us to increase output from our facility while creating 100 new high-tech positions,” he said.

Gov. Walz says Minnesota is in support of the proposal.

“Not only is it those 100 jobs here – the expansion and all of the peripheral jobs that go with it – it’s the security that comes with knowing we’re manufacturing our chips,” the governor said. “We’re not at the mercy of what’s happening with the supply chain from Taiwan or anywhere else and we control some of that data security right here in the United States.”

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Read the article on Kare11.com: https://www.kare11.com/article/money/economy/minnesota-adds-jobs-in-august-as-unemployment-drops/89-8819fcac-cb75-44e5-85f9-0f833bb80acd

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