Semiconductor Foundry

We work in a full-scale semiconductor ecosystem with a leading variety of process flows that are verified, silicon-proven and have yielded multiple billions of devices . Our foundry process flows give IDMs, notably Automotive manufacturers, access to efficiency and scale in bringing technology-enabled differentiation to their markets.

200 Devices Running on 30 Unique Process Flows, Including:

  • SRAM/Logic (0.35µm, 0.25µm, 0.18µm, 0.13µm 90nm technologies)
  • Mixed Signal (0.13µm, 0.35µm technology)
  • SONOS/NVSRAM (0.13µm, 0.35µm technology)
  • 10+ Unique non-CMOS process flows

Internet of Things (IoT)

If you’re looking to create, supply and capitalize data streams for the connected world, SkyWater technology foundry offers a streamlined, efficient path to market. We are built and staffed to create technology-driven competitive advantages for established and emerging Internet of Things (IoT) markets. Since the early 1990s, SkyWater has engineered and manufactured the microprocessors and radio functions vital to connecting IoT devices. Our largest customer (Cypress Semiconductor) is the largest producer of IoT-related technologies in the world. Using specialty process flows and specialty materials in a DMEA-Trusted Category 1A Accredited facility, we design, build and scale custom mixed signal sensing for IoT markets, including:

Maker Innovation

Smart City

Connected Car

Connected Home

Our specialized process flows and mixed signal sensing has proven especially viable for Automotive customer markets.

Certifications: ISO 14001, ISO9001 / IATF16949

Medical Device and Digital Health Application Specific ICs (ASICs)

Medical consumables and advanced medical tracking are fueling a rise in specialized semiconductor manufacturing. Whether it’s a monitoring, wireless or data stream challenge, our Medical ASICS process flows and services enable customers to rapidly deploy differentiated and marketable solutions. Our unique design and manufacturing facility turns process design into realized solutions quickly and efficiently to provide the medical market valuable data on-demand, wherever and whenever it’s needed. As a Trusted foundry we do all of this in a business context that assures the protection and reliability of the IP that enables healthy outcomes.


Read Out ICs (ROICs)

DNA Sequencing

Disposable Diagnostics Devices

Data Stream Development

Government & Defense

As the most advanced US-based, US-owned technology foundry, SkyWater works directly with government agencies and defense primes to design, scale and build verified and fully-realized semiconductor foundry solutions. We operate with a DMEA Trusted Category 1A Accreditation to guarantee compliance and IP protection. Manufacturing of government and defense business is integrated into our leading-edge, full-capacity and commercially sustainable production environment to lower risk and reduce cost.

Trusted DMEA Accreditation

  • Accredited by the Defense Microelectronics Activity (DMEA) as a Category 1A Trusted Fab for Design, Foundry, Test, and Broker Services
  • ITAR, QML-Q and QML-V support
  • Most-advanced US-owned and US-based Trusted Foundry serving the needs of our US Government customers.


Our full-scale semiconductor manufacturing platforms serve the expanding needs of OEM customers looking for leading-edge computing and cloud-based solutions. SkyWater offers the flexibility to use specialized materials specifically engineered for computing applications in custom process flows for nearly limitless application.

Specialized Services

  • Custom Process Flows
  • Flexibility in Materials
  • Photonics
  • Superconducting Computing

Specialized Materials

  • Niobium
  • Germanium
  • Vanadium Oxide
  • Carbon Nanotubes
  • Graphene

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