SkyWater’s transformation to the Technology as a Service℠ (TaaS) model

March 13, 2021
By G. Dan Hutcheson

Excerpt below developed by Tom Sonderman, president and CEO, SkyWater Technology

TaaS℠ departs from the foundry business model by integrating advanced packaging capabilities and shifting the classic foundry balance that’s heavy on contract manufacturing for wafers and light on service, towards a heavier weight on service. The key strategic goal is to make it easier for customers to cross the grand canyon between designing to a SOC chip on a wafer to designing to a System-In-a-Package via Heterogeneous Integration. One could argue this is just a renaming of a model that already exists. But the more you think about it the more you realize it’s a much better renaming. TaaS is more customer oriented than what some call ‘Heterogeneous Integration,’ which is an academic construction … while others call it ‘Disaggregated Design,’ which implies a perspective of completing a SOC design too expensive to put on a chip, necessitating a need to back up and tear it apart into chiplets to cut costs. Heterogeneous is ivy-tower hard to say and disaggregated implies initial failure, lost TTM, and then recovery. I think Tom’s got it right: TaaS is far easier to enunciate and takes the perspective of a first-time-right design approach where a SiP approach to architecture is considered from the start. Tom has also put SkyWater’s money where its mouth is with its new Florida facility: SkyWater for Domestic Advanced Packaging Capabilities.
Reprinted with VLSIresearch’s permission.