Efabless chipIgnite enables SoC for $9,750 in Skywater CMOS node

Community chip creation platform Efabless has launched chipIgnite, a program enabling low-cost fabrication of initial prototypes of intellectual property blocks or full systems on chip. The initiative is designed to bring chip design and manufacturing to the masses, in collaboration with Skywater Technology whose open source 130 nm CMOS platform will be used to manufacture the chips.

The program includes a pre-designed carrier chip and automated open-source design flow from Efabless, using SkyWater’s open source SKY130 process. The value of the program is not just low-cost manufacturing, but also a development board and firmware stack to simplify design validation and test.


Read the article at Embedded.com: https://www.embedded.com/efabless-chipignite-enables-soc-for-9750-in-skywater-cmos-node/

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