Department of Defense Backs New Secure Electron Beam Lithography Initiative

U.S. Department of Defense-backed secure fab SkyWater is set to adopt Multibeam’s Multicolumn Electron-Beam Lithography system in its 45 nm process.

SkyWater’s foundry in Bloomington, Minnesota. Highlighted is an area where 60,000 square feet of production space was added last year.

SkyWater Technology recently disclosed a partnership with Multibeam to deploy its multicolumn electron-beam lithography (MEBL) system into SkyWater’s recently-expanded fab. SkyWater says that doing so will both support its roadmap to advance its manufacturing capabilities and accelerate growth.

The “groundbreaking” MEBL system is expected to launch in 2021 and will be capable of “full-wafer, all-maskless patterning at 4 nm and beyond,” the announcement reads.Read the article in All About Circuits:

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