Update to Coronavirus – Information and SkyWater Protocol (Internal Communication Updates)

April 17th, 2020


The Pandemic Response Team continues to follow developments from the CDC as well as federal, state and local resources to determine appropriate and evolving protocols here at SkyWater. We would like to share one notable update to our protocols.

In our last memo update, we indicated there would be a requirement for a 14-day quarantine away from the site for anyone (or a member of the person’s household) who uses airline travel internationally, or from the states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, per CDC recommendations. Since then, the CDC has now changed their recommendation – they are no longer listing individual states but rather recommend that any airline travel to or from any location internationally or domestically should result in a 14-day quarantine. SkyWater has now put this protocol into effect.

The Pandemic Response Team was asked about whether travel by train was an acceptable way to travel via mass transit without the need for quarantine. Here is the clarification for this question — if a person travels by train while using the option of having his/her own sleeping car that allows for strong social distancing capability, this is acceptable without the requirement of a 14-day quarantine. If the person travels by train and is seated in an open space seating area such as Coach, Business, or First Class seating, then this would be considered the same as travel by air and would require a 14-day quarantine period away from the site.

As always, please continue to refer to our Skynet webpage for ongoing COVID-19 details, updates and resources.

-Pandemic Response Team

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