COVID-19 & SkyWater: Continuing Operations as an Essential Business

March 25, 2020  (updated May 5, 2020)

In these uncertain times, health and safety are of the utmost importance to us, along with our ability to properly serve our customers. This pandemic is a highly unusual and fluid situation and we are continuing to follow health guidelines set forth by Federal, State and local authorities.

Today, Minnesota Governor, Tim Walz, announced heightened COVID-19 response measures statewide to include a mandatory closure of all non-essential businesses and an executive order directing Minnesotans to stay at home, limiting movements beyond essential needs outside of their homes beginning at 11:59pm, Friday, March 27th through Friday, April 10th May 18th (updated) (

SkyWater Technology will continue to operate during this period as Essential Critical Infrastructure considering designations in the categories of Healthcare/Public Health, Communications and Information Technology, Critical Manufacturing and Defense Industrial Base per the U.S Department of Homeland Security’s Memorandum on Identification of Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers During COVID-19 Response ( dated March 19, 2020. This classification is due in part to SkyWater’s manufacturing services for COVID-19 identification and genetic sequencing related products as well as a range of activities which support national security interests of the U.S.

SkyWater employees whose onsite presence is essential to continuity of SkyWater’s operation will be provided with documentation needed to communicate their role as a member of essential workforce to law enforcement and public health officials, as necessary, to justify their out of home activity.

To ensure health and safety for our employees and community, SkyWater’s Pandemic Response Team meets regularly to monitor COVID-19 updates from the CDC and Federal, State and local agencies and we have implemented extensive safety measures recommended by the CDC including social distancing practices and are also operating with numerous measures including, but not limited to, the following.

Site Access Protocol and Restrictions

  • Site access will be strictly forbidden for anyone showing signs of a fever – the CDC’s guidelines are to restrict anyone with an elevated temperature. All visitors entering the facility will have their temperature measured.
  • SkyWater is restricting site access to vendors, contractors, customers and other visitors as a default policy. Exceptions to this will be considered after careful consideration and review by the Pandemic Response Team and senior leadership. If a visitor exception is to be considered, their recent travel history will be reviewed.
  • Site access for employees now includes protocols for determining the need for self-quarantine based on potential direct and indirect exposure circumstances which represent infection risk for employees and our broader workforce.

On a related note, opportunities are being maximized to transition SkyWater production-support employee roles to a remote working status while we also maintain an onsite workforce needed to meet our commitments as Essential Critical Infrastructure.

Employee Business Travel

  • All employee business travel remains canceled until further notice. Exceptions for unique or extreme circumstances may be approved by executive leadership and the Pandemic Response Team. SkyWater team members are all equipped with remote conference resources to enable collaboration in lieu of travel.

Supply Chain Assessment and Communication

  • SkyWater’s supply chain risk from the COVID-19 outbreak is being actively monitored. Since SkyWater is a member of the aforementioned critical infrastructure, we are extending that designation to our suppliers to ensure they are aware of the need to continue operations during this time of emergency. While operations are currently stable, we are implementing risk mitigation measures across all major supply chain categories and if changes arise and our ability to continue normal fab operations is impacted, we will proactively communicate those dynamics with relevant customers and suppliers.

Should you have questions or concerns regarding these measures or your specific program/project, please reach out to your usual contact within SkyWater. Messages can also be sent to which is continuously monitored.

We wish you health and wellness while we continue innovating together in this unprecedented time.


Thomas Sonderman
President, SkyWater Technology


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