Chip maker SkyWater begins hiring local workers. Here’s what it’s looking for.

SkyWater Technology has started on its plans to bring more than 200 jobs to Central Florida.

The Bloomington, Minnesota-based semiconductor foundry is posting Central Florida job openings, with 12 listed on the website. These jobs will be based in the Center for Neovation in Osceola County’s NeoCity, where SkyWater took over the lease from the University of Central Florida.

The interior of a clean room environment at the NeoCity facility.

SkyWater is posting positions in order of how necessary they are for the company to take over the 109,000-square-foot facility, Chief Technology Officer Brad Ferguson told Orlando Business Journal. Right now, the jobs, including engineers and managers, are focused on overseeing the facility and the operation of its tools used to make semiconductor chips.

Read the article in the Orlando Business Journal:

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