CEO Talk: Thomas Sonderman, SkyWater Technology

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This interview was held with: Thomas Sonderman, president & CEO, SkyWater Technology

Tell me a bit about your background

Tom SaondermanI’ve been serving the semiconductor industry my whole career and have a manufacturing background. I have seen the industry transform through its various stages and we are in a new stage now. Watching that evolution has allowed me to position SkyWater to where we need to be to help drive this transformation. Having been through two spin-offs of manufacturing operations into foundries, including serving as part of an executive team at AMD that spun-off to form Globalfoundries, I have a unique perspective. When I joined SkyWater, my goal was to drive the company’s business from an IDM to a pure-play foundry. We effectively diversified SkyWater’s customer base by defining new product markets and target customers while improving operational efficiencies. We have built a world class leadership team that inspires 500 employees to deliver process R&D innovation and operational excellence.

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